Le donne sandals

Bought a pair of heeled sandals from Le donne this week. This is my second purchase from the brand, the first I got from them is a wedge, and it lasted for almost 2 years with constant use. That’s good enough for me because they are affordable. Good new is that they have The Great … More Le donne sandals

Heatwave heels

Dropped by Market Market last week and saw this pair of heels. I was looking for a red color of this design, but they only carry black. I still got it because black goes with most colors. It’s classic. Love the chunky heels. See you around, Cel

Parisian peep toe

As a gift to my two sisters who are helping me babysit Maia during the summer, I bought them cute Parisian peep toe shoes. This is red according to the item code, but it looks red-orange to me. Anyway, love the color.     The other color and design is also nice. It’s shade is … More Parisian peep toe

Random designs

Sharing with you some designs from baby’s stuff. This was a gift from her god grandma. This ballerina flats I bought from a friend online. Another gift when baby Maia was inside my womb. One of her fun and exciting gifts. Hmmm, I just added this because I’m loving it. Two weeks ago my lips … More Random designs