My Pasta Carbonara

I told myself to blog regularly for a lot of reasons. I want to keep track of what I love to do. Yesterday, I had time to cook something because I work half day (in exchange of my Sunday work). The other week, I bought bacon from a church friend and was wondering how to … More My Pasta Carbonara

Chocolate Graham cracker balls

___________________________________________ This is a simple no bake recipe that my sisters made the previous month. We chose marshmallows and raisins. If you want to tweak the recipe, go ahead! This graham thing is fun! Now, thinking of something to pair it with? See you next post, Cel

Natural Detox recipe

Don’t we all love blended fruits and veggies? I got inspired last week by mommy Donna from my support group about a detox recipe that was recommended to her by Dr Tinio, an Integrative medicine doctor who specializes in nutritional and complementary medicine. Those who are constipated will really benefit from this: It’s a simple … More Natural Detox recipe

Spaghetti in sweet topping

One of my favorite recipes for spaghetti, the one with something sweet! Just cook your usual spaghetti. Melt cheese and condensed milk and heat in pan under low fire. Pour unto the spaghetti and refrigerate. I like it cold when topped with this mixture. Uhm. Yummy. What are your favorite spaghetti versions? CEL

Sweet Broccoli

Want a sweet broccoli dish? Just beat some eggs. Put the broccoli. Coat with flour mix of pepper + salt. Fry in medium heat. For the sauce, mix in together soy, a little vinegar, and brown sugar. Stir in medium heat until thick. Pour the fried broccoli. Now enjoy!