28 Weeks

Before proceeding with this post, I would like to say that my heart goes out to the victims of Typhoon Ompong especially in the North. Let’s pray for everyone affected. This weekly update is all taken in the church every Sunday. Thanks to Carl for being a fast learner in capturing photos, all edits are … More 28 Weeks

27 Weeks

Only two months more to go! The heels I’m wearing was given by my co-worker. Just to let you know I don’t wear heels at work at this time. Lol. For photo purpose ONLY. I have been consuming a lot of sweets lately that I felt I need to cut down on sugar already! I … More 27 Weeks

Going Third Trimester

I’m at my 6th month already and going to third trimester. Here comes the backs pains, difficult breathings, stronger fetal movements and brixton hicks. The ultrasound scan last weekend confirmed that we will have the c-section by mid November or earlier because baby’s size is a week ahead. This means early report preparations  so it’s … More Going Third Trimester


My feet swelled up, my flat sandal have been stretched. My once thin and long feet now looks like a papaya. I’m chomping a fruit salad now without the sweetened milk. It tastes better this way, maybe because I’m trying to abhor sweets(for the time being), plus the sight of ants climbing up my desk … More Sweetless

Boy or Girl

  Remember when I told you it’s a boy? Well, it’s not really 100% . It was my scheduled monthly prenatal check up yesterday, and our baby doesn’t seem to cooperate. haha.  The eyes, ears, nose, and brain are normal. But when doc shifted down on the legs, baby won’t open it. We still wouldn’t … More Boy or Girl