A prayer for Maia

Each night I shed tears..tears of pain and struggle. I know I have to deal with this fact for the rest of my life. We just went for my baby’s check up last week and such a relief that she won’t be bedridden. I nearly cried in front of the doctor. During workdays when I … More A prayer for Maia

Be strong

  It was a holiday yesterday, so I just stayed home. One of the best  Mondays,  because I can extend my sleep. It feels so good. Mom’s in the hospital in Santiago, Isabela. She said she was having chest pains. High blood runs in my mom’s family.  I still ask for your prayers that she’ll … More Be strong

get well soon mom

I was close to tears yesterday when my youngest sister sent me a text message that mom was confined in the hospital. I felt my heart suddenly beat faster. The longing to see mom at that moment swelled. They are 24 hours away travel by land. The thought of them far away even made it … More get well soon mom