Blooms in March

One thing I like about our workplace is being surrounded with plants. This week, this tree that looks like the Japanese cherry blossoms is now showing its pink flowers. I think they call this the Palawan cherry. It looks beautiful. At this time, our grounds are also being revamped. Pots of greens and assorted flowers … More Blooms in March

Blue hydrangea & peach roses

I snatched these left over flowers because they’re lovely. Love the blue refreshing color! It makes a nice subtle contrast to the peach colored roses. These are actually a wedding motiff. Cool right? And yes, a little chocolate for a rainy day. Have a nice week ahead!

Lovin white orchids

I love how these white orchids seem to illuminate this area of our place. It looks so clean and full of fragrance – but it doesn’t have any smell on it. Love the whiteness of it. So calming. Good night,   Cel

Mums and Roses

Ever wonder if yellow and red go together? Well, see if these mums and roses do. So much striking colors. Sorry I took photos a day after I got the roses, so it wasn’t fresh enough. But I don’t mind. During my college days, I used to hang dried bouquet of flowers outside the dress … More Mums and Roses