Make up looks I fancy

It’s amazing how make up can enhance your look. Knowing how to highlight your best, and trying the product that’s perfect for you, along with tricks and right application, you will definitely look and feel better. Since I started using make up, I rarely leave the house without anything on, haha! This 2013, trending in … More Make up looks I fancy

Rainy day fashion

Heavy rain has been pouring since last night, so today, I just stayed home. No office. I wish I could just work at home everyday..and be with my baby.  Now I want to share pics for outfits on a rainy day so I’ve added more pins on my Pinterest board. For rainy day essentials, bring … More Rainy day fashion

Workplace Inspiration

  Sharing with you my pins from one of my Pinterest boards. I’ve created a workplace inspiration, where I put there some designs that I love. For the space deprived like  me, I think designs where the table is against the wall will work best.   Hope to have a beautiful workplace someday. What kind … More Workplace Inspiration