Quiet mornings

I love coming to the office early as I’m avoiding the rush hour which means I’d be trapped in a long queue waiting for a ride. Coming early also means I can have my moment alone. Be it reading your devotional, checking your to do list, or just making the most out of the relaxing … More Quiet mornings

Kisses to mama

Last week when I came home, Maia was particularly clingy to me. It’s not her usual welcome thing when I greet her by the door, but I must admit deep inside my heart I was crying for joy and wished that there will be more days like that. I don’t care if she is drooling … More Kisses to mama

Monday Musings

Despite our recent visits to the neuro, there isn’t good seizure control yet for Maia. I desperately hope to hit the right drug combination for her. I am not ok seeing her go through it everyday. We love you so much baby girl. We will always be here for you.