Baby Zeva

Hi! I just want to make a quick update. After giving birth to Zeva November of last year, I barely had time for blogging. With no reliable helpers, the thought of bringing Zeva to work became a reality. Lol. Everything is a sacrifice, and you got to be patient. Ivor is spending time with his … More Baby Zeva

Parentology+ | Reshaping the future of our Children

Part of my minimalist journey would be to work with brands that share the same values as I do. Lifestyle shift, technology and environmental changes have made such a huge impact on the way people do and see things today, and that’s causing anxiety raising our children. Even the food has changed, from home-cooked meals … More Parentology+ | Reshaping the future of our Children

The Growing Phase

I can’t believe it’s already February! So much has happened in our household since after the holidays, from child care problems to developmental shifts on my toddler. This year started with no luck on finding a good caregiver for Maia, even showing full kindness is not enough. Meanwhile, Ivor’s been highly active, super clingy when … More The Growing Phase

Kisses to mama

Last week when I came home, Maia was particularly clingy to me. It’s not her usual welcome thing when I greet her by the door, but I must admit deep inside my heart I was crying for joy and wished that there will be more days like that. I don’t care if she is drooling … More Kisses to mama

What NOT to say to parents of a special needs child

Ever wonder what you’re not supposed to say to a parent of a special needs child? Sometimes, not commenting at all is better rather than uttering those seemingly innocuous words that almost often adds wound to aching hearts. The following list is from my own personal experience because I receive those questions first hand. DON’T … More What NOT to say to parents of a special needs child