July Musings

Have you ever felt worn out that you badly need an R & R yet you can’t because you have your priorities? I’m sure  most moms would agree especially  when the hubs is away. There are times of the day that I have to rush, like when going to work, I have to start running  … More July Musings

Summer butterflies

Once in a while I immerse myself into introspection. It is much helpful because consciously or unconsciously we have a tendency to utter words that can hurt people, even how we say it. These nasty little actions can stem from hatred, envy, or just plain resentment. I had my share of hurt and most of … More Summer butterflies


I’ve read that one way to be happy is to have a grateful heart. No matter what situation you’re in..always look at the bright side! During your prayer time, make it a habit to thank God for  every blessing, even how small it may seem, He knows your heart. It can be a good morning, … More Gratitude

Monday Musings

Despite our recent visits to the neuro, there isn’t good seizure control yet for Maia. I desperately hope to hit the right drug combination for her. I am not ok seeing her go through it everyday. We love you so much baby girl. We will always be here for you.