Summer butterflies

Once in a while I immerse myself into introspection. It is much helpful because consciously or unconsciously we have a tendency to utter words that can hurt people, even how we say it. These nasty little actions can stem from hatred, envy, or just plain resentment. I had my share of hurt and most of … More Summer butterflies

Listen to Him

In between reading fiction novels, I always go back and read something nourishing to the soul. Our lives are not always perfect. Out of our struggles, mixed emotions are drawn. It’s often how we handle this emotions that define who we are. Last night when I was reading in bed, Maia has another seizure. It … More Listen to Him


I’ve read that one way to be happy is to have a grateful heart. No matter what situation you’re in..always look at the bright side! During your prayer time, make it a habit to thank God forΒ  every blessing, even how small it may seem, He knows your heart. It can be a good morning, … More Gratitude

Stripe Midi dress

It’s getting warmer and warmer this April. This is the season which I have the tendency to feel laid back. Even choosing outfits call for something casual for the office. Was a bit worried this dress would look sloppy for my short height especially that I paired it with flat sandals. But I love how … More Stripe Midi dress