Parentology+ | Reshaping the future of our Children

Part of my minimalist journey would be to work with brands that share the same values as I do. Lifestyle shift, technology and environmental changes have made such a huge impact on the way people do and see things today, and that’s causing anxiety raising our children. Even the food has changed, from home-cooked meals … More Parentology+ | Reshaping the future of our Children

July update

Let me walk you into my morning routine. Being early in the office gives me enough time for  short writing or reading. I brew coffee that we buy from Conlins. Yes, it is good blended with your milk of choice.  I used Silk Almond milk this week. Coffee helps me with my sleepiness, but it … More July update

Trip to Japan Promo

Hi mommies…and daddies! There’s an ongoing promo at Lazada  when you buy any Mamypoko product! I’ve used the Mamypoko nappies on Maia and I love it because it’s light and didn’t cause any rashes.  My mommy friend Rowena says this is her favorite because she saves more vs other brands because of it’s stay dry … More Trip to Japan Promo