A baby’s smile, a baby’s smell, a baby’s cry, a baby’s chuckle..everything about a baby is wonderfully cute.   I’m blessed to have one.   Thank you Lord for giving us Maia.

Worries and Fears

It’s now my 11th day after giving birth.  The pain from the incision strikes anytime and I would just bear the pain. The doctor said the healing time takes about 6 weeks. I am resuming work after two months so that makes it ok. After two months, I don’t think I can leave my baby … More Worries and Fears


  I feel so heavy now. But that has nothing to do with the picture above. 😀 I can’t sit and stand for long periods. If I sit for  about  30 minutes and try to stand up, my legs give up. When I sleep, the position that leaves me without much discomfort has to be … More Discomfort