Days of December

The days of December happens so fast. It’s 10 days more and it’s Christmas! Fragments of warm memories haunt me whenever I listen to Christmas songs..and of course, the spirit is there. And this is why it’s my favorite season. I picture a happy family together. This will be my baby’s first Christmas, and I … More Days of December

I wish..

Hah! It’s been a while again since my last post. Well, when you’re a working mom who works 8 hours a day, goes home to bathe her baby,  breastfeed and put her to sleep, and wake up every three hours to breastfeed again, sleep is a luxury. There’s not a single hour that I won’t … More I wish..

Four more days

Four more days. And I will step in the office again. How I wish I could stay at home for one more year. Every parent’s fear of leaving her child is sinking in. I am relieved my mom-in-law is coming while we’re looking for a babysitter. Last resort. I am hoping she’ll stay until baby … More Four more days


Ah, my baby will be turning two months this week! A part of me feels happy and sad. Happy because I’m so excited with her growth progress, and can’t wait for her first words and first steps. Sad because that means I have to resume to work. I don’ t want to leave her yet … More Babysitter


A smile can change your mood. It is contagious. When you see babies smile, it makes your heart pop with smile too! Check out this short video of baby Maia.