Let it Go

It’s been raining the past few days and we had to cancel appointments like Maia’s therapy. It’s better to stay safe at times like this. Just like in life, you can never get away with negativity and criticisms and side comments. Some people find it easy to nitpick, even those you least suspect to do … More Let it Go

Summer butterflies

Once in a while I immerse myself into introspection. It is much helpful because consciously or unconsciously we have a tendency to utter words that can hurt people, even how we say it. These nasty little actions can stem from hatred, envy, or just plain resentment. I had my share of hurt and most of … More Summer butterflies

The Empire dress

I sewed the hem by my own hand. I don’t have a machine so I just cut the dress and did a stitch that I don’t even know the name. This is another thrifted dress from before…like years ago. Empire dresses are good for hiding big bellies plus the abdominal fat. Shoes – Karazapatos. Happy … More The Empire dress