Back Home again

Our short vacation in the province was exhilarating. My sleep felt peaceful, no thoughts of waking up early going to work, no rush. It’s one of the best sleeps I’ve had for a long time. You wake up and go to the market for your morning dose of coffee and pancake – with butter and … More Back Home again

Worries and fears

Can you honestly say you don’t have worries even if you’re big on faith? Why do I feel  those gnawing little fears and anxieties never escape me. Ooops sorry I tend to get dramatic. So what gives me anxiety? This is just a random list, at the moment. • What if I die today, what … More Worries and fears

Rules to myself

It is mid August and it is still hot and humid. Anyway, since I’ve finished my report a week early, I’ve got some spare time writing this post. As an introvert, it’s so therapeutic for me. When I put my thoughts in writing, it’s like unburdening half of my troubles. This week, I have another … More Rules to myself


I promised myself to blog regularly. I missed one last week, but I did a post on my babies’ blog. It ate my time editing those photos. Anyway, last week was not good for Maia. She had strong seizures. Every day there is this part of myself that I have to constantly save for my … More Currently…

July update

Let me walk you into my morning routine. Being early in the office gives me enough time for  short writing or reading. I brew coffee that we buy from Conlins. Yes, it is good blended with your milk of choice.  I used Silk Almond milk this week. Coffee helps me with my sleepiness, but it … More July update