Home at Last

Finally finished our quarantine and thankful all is well. We visited a pediatrician to check on Maia. Her sleeping pattern is irregular and she can go without sleep for more than 24 hours. We wanted to get some advice how we can manage it, because it’s really difficult as most of the time she would … More Home at Last

Moving Back Home

I think it’s best for now to keep my reasons on a personal level. Leaving the place where my children grew up left me emotional. The last few weeks was a roller coaster ride. I was stressed with lots of things. I was expecting something but it was not granted, and okay, it’s during the … More Moving Back Home

Why I’m Sticking to the Hobonichi Weeks Mega Planner

It has been a wonderful few years since I’ve committed myself to bullet journaling. Not only does it improve your mental health, it helps you plan throughout the year while keeping for yourself and your children a family treasure trove full of memories.  This will be my fourth year using the system. I tired a … More Why I’m Sticking to the Hobonichi Weeks Mega Planner

Baby Zeva

Hi! I just want to make a quick update. After giving birth to Zeva November of last year, I barely had time for blogging. With no reliable helpers, the thought of bringing Zeva to work became a reality. Lol. Everything is a sacrifice, and you got to be patient. Ivor is spending time with his … More Baby Zeva