Spending Holy week

Holy week gives me more time with baby Maia. We actually planned on heading to Baguio, but decided to stay here. We’ll look for a more fitting schedule. Miss my mom and the rest of the family. Maia’s got sore eyes since yesterday. A week ago her auntie Faim had one. Maybe it’s the March … More Spending Holy week

Make up looks I fancy

It’s amazing how make up can enhance your look. Knowing how to highlight your best, and trying the product that’s perfect for you, along with tricks and right application, you will definitely look and feel better. Since I started using make up, I rarely leave the house without anything on, haha! This 2013, trending in … More Make up looks I fancy

Ms. Maia in Jeans

Tried the jeans for baby Maia last night and she looked like a big girl! She’s sleepy after her night bath. Last night was hubs birthday. We made it simple, and in just a few days, it’s gonna be my day too. Haha! Too bad Maia slept early so we didn’t have photos during dinner. … More Ms. Maia in Jeans

A prayer for Maia

Each night I shed tears..tears of pain and struggle. I know I have to deal with this fact for the rest of my life. We just went for my baby’s check up last week and such a relief that she won’t be bedridden. I nearly cried in front of the doctor. During workdays when I … More A prayer for Maia


One of the altar flowers prepared during Remembrance Sunday is the lovely and fragrant stargazer. Love the natural flower scent. Snatched some white orchids too. They actually make a good pair. See you around,   CEL

Banapple snapshots

I as thinking of having a cake so I dropped by Banapple | Market Market. I was lucky that when I peeked inside I spotted a free table. It’s usually full when I pass by there. I ordered a slice of their banoffee pie. Nice and simple presentation. After two years I got to taste … More Banapple snapshots