November is near. Next thing I know, it’s going to be the big day. I still don’t feel any jitters though. But I know myself, I’m easily nervous when in a big crowd, even for just a few words uttered, my hands always feel cold and shaky. Hopefully it wouldn’t be that way. Ifugao is … More Jitters

Leaving Ifugao

That night when we left Namillangan, it was mildly raining. We hopped in the old jeepney my uncle Constancio owned. We had to sit inside, with 4 available seats, no cushion, but it was ok, and I’m not complaining.  My sister Queena came along, cousin Margaret, and uncle Paul who was our driver. Gal was … More Leaving Ifugao

Trip to Namillangan

There has been a lot on the news lately. And it saddens me that reality is sometimes harsh, and brutal things happen. Although we want the best, we cannot frame people’s minds. We cannot control it. Condolences to the victims’ families. Back to my story in Ifugao. We left 12midnight here in Manila, headed to … More Trip to Namillangan