Home inspiration 2015

Have you ever set your eyes on a house and told yourself, “This house is beautiful!” I have nothing to brag about anything relating to design aesthetics but there are certain looks that are appealing to me. Recently, I love looking at house photos that have a Scandinavian vibe to it. It makes me wish … More Home inspiration 2015

Spending Holy week

Holy week gives me more time with baby Maia. We actually planned on heading to Baguio, but decided to stay here. We’ll look for a more fitting schedule. Miss my mom and the rest of the family. Maia’s got sore eyes since yesterday. A week ago her auntie Faim had one. Maybe it’s the March … More Spending Holy week

Mums and Roses

Ever wonder if yellow and red go together? Well, see if these mums and roses do. So much striking colors. Sorry I took photos a day after I got the roses, so it wasn’t fresh enough. But I don’t mind. During my college days, I used to hang dried bouquet of flowers outside the dress … More Mums and Roses