My Aromatherapy journey

I joined a women’s group in Facebook and one time I came across essential oils. I’ve read testimonials on how they’ve used it even on their children, stopped allergies, plus it strengthened their immune system. Secret is, 100% pure and good quality essential oils. I read three books about essential oils, enough to get me … More My Aromatherapy journey

Dragon fruit + Banana Smoothie

This is a very simple smoothie with just two ingredients. I only added water and a little bit of muscovado sugar. If you want to experiment, add coconut water or milk instead of plain water. I love fruit smoothies! Dragon fruits are loaded with nutrients, especially vitamin C, protein and calcium. Happy Thursday! Cel

Tea Time

For the past week, I’ve been avoiding coffee and anything with caffeine. Hah, it’s something about health. For now, I’m rekindling my romance with teas. Ok, let’s start with something that reminds me of home. For me, this is good for any time of the day. Stress relief! Bye coffee for now. On my tea … More Tea Time

Natural Detox recipe

Don’t we all love blended fruits and veggies? I got inspired last week by mommy Donna from my support group about a detox recipe that was recommended to her by Dr Tinio, an Integrative medicine doctor who specializes in nutritional and complementary medicine. Those who are constipated will really benefit from this: It’s a simple … More Natural Detox recipe

Coffee Mocha Soap

Introducing to you my soap shop – The Soap Library.  It’s a product of inspiration that went into a little obsession. Who wouldn’t want to use the safest and mildest soaps out there? I decided to make soaps for my family first. Then I thought, why not sell it. If you know you are making … More Coffee Mocha Soap