Sometimes I imagine being in a forest..with just my dogs and me. Must be exciting. And enchanting. haha The smell of fresh air, and nothing to think of. No worries. No anxiety. Only the presence of each other.       In the photo is Summer and Hannibal in the background.

Beyond the wall

My two doggies, Summer and Hannibal were like born real brothers and  sisters. They often had this scenario at the back of the apartment, peeking at passers-by. Maybe they wanted to get out of the gate, and explore the neighborhood.  Lots of dogs out there. One time we took Summer out to the vet, the … More Beyond the wall

Rest day

Busy weekend. Last Saturday we watched the play then Sunday, the CHT Youth acquaintance party. Will share photos in next post. Since Monday was a holiday here, I had maximized my time relaxing. I finished the book by Jodi Picoult I had started weeks ago that has been dormant in my bedroom for days. It … More Rest day

Our new pup

Meet our new pup Hannibal. It wasn’t his first name, but Gal and I decided on it afterward. He is from our neighbor 2 houses away. Small, black, and a fighter. He hasn’t been two months yet, not even old enough to be separated from his family, but they gave him anyway. But he is … More Our new pup