Listen to Him

In between reading fiction novels, I always go back and read something nourishing to the soul. Our lives are not always perfect. Out of our struggles, mixed emotions are drawn. It’s often how we handle this emotions that define who we are. Last night when I was reading in bed, Maia has another seizure. It … More Listen to Him

Happy Sunday

Glad to see godmum Jenny back in the choir today. She’s so sweet as ever.. I have to cut this short for I have tons of things to do. See you tomorrow. ♥


It was a sunny morning, too hot actually. Humid. As early as 6:30am, the heat is on! I have to bring an umbrella. Yes, it’s a must, a necessity, haha. As soon as I entered the church compound, I scouted the area for anything colorful. Anything interesting. Felt a bit disappointed seeing few of them. … More Flowers

Beauty in plants

A bright rose-pink bougainvillea.  This kind of plant is sometimes referred to as “paper flower“, you’ll know it when you see it. Since this thrives well in warm climates, you see a lot of this color in our area. I have looked up for the flower, but it’s far from my sight. And when I … More Beauty in plants