Welcoming 2016

Happy New Year! My family came over for our Christmas gathering. I’m really happy that each Christmas, we try to get together as a family, except this time my brother wasn’t with us because of work. Little Maia got sick starting on the 24th so she and hubs didn’t join us when we went for … More Welcoming 2016

Our Christmas story

The day before Christmas we headed to Burnham Park. We are scheduled to visit uncle Nick’s house on Christmas day. Maia enjoyed the grass, the freedom to walk without being held. Long post here and enjoy the pictures! She scampered in every direction. I can see her excitement. Looking for bikes. My brother joined. Maia … More Our Christmas story

V-day simple dinner

Decided to post this before March comes rolling! Thanks to hub for this mini Red ribbon cake. No he isn’t the flower-type man on V-day, but he made sure we get to eat something he cooked. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the week! CEL

Taking out baby Maia

Maia’s seizures haven’t stopped yet, and we’re planning to visit her doctor next weekend. It’s so hard to see her that way. I asked God for strength and begged for His mercy. Dear Lord, please lay your healing hands upon your child. Last weekend after church we took her out for some quick stroll. Mom … More Taking out baby Maia