Life update

We wrapped up last week with Maia’s visit to her therapist. It was a warm late afternoon. I wish there’s a playground near our place where she can walk without the fear of cars. I might look for a physical therapist too, she needs a little help with her walking and posture. With hope and … More Life update

Epilepsy Awareness day

I’m wearing purple for Epilepsy Awareness day. Please support our advocacy in the Philippines by signing HERE. Please read and be informed and do not judge.  Update: For my daughter and to everyone battling epilepsy. Mommy Cel


Yesterday hubby and I took baby Maia to the neuro pedia that her pedia referred to us. She holds a clinic in PCMC and The Medical City. We’re a bit far from PCMC so we took her to The Medical City. After all the questions, she then told us the word that I feared. Epilepsy. … More Answers