Lemon Kiss Apparel

Something to check out for your girl’s wear – Lemon Kiss! Their clothing line is stylish and playful. It’s simple, girly and fashionable. I’d like Maia to have this design: It looks comfy and chic for her age.   See you next post, Mommy Cel  


A long overdue post. These were taken  last December. The five of us decided to have a little bonding and we ended up in Boni High street. 3 girls and two boys. 🙂 See you next post, CEL

Dresses I fancy

Here are my dress wishlist at this time. Oh, how I love to acquire a new one, but since we are on a tight budget now, that would mean cutting unnecessary purchases! I don’t think posting these cute dresses are beneficial for our budgeting, but I’d like to share them anyway. I would like to … More Dresses I fancy

Summer photos

The first day of June signaled the start of the rainy season. I dread to think of floods, I know, it’s a fact here in our place. But I also love the cool air, because the rain cleans the dusty air in the city. To say goodbye to summer, I’ll share with you pictures  with … More Summer photos