Color inspiration

I took this photo of Maia last Sunday. Weather was warm and humid, while in other countries, it’s the season of fall. Now, I made a color inspiration out of this photo. After all, you get inspiration from everywhere. Color tones tend to be more ‘pastel’ which is ok for the young ones. Hope you … More Color inspiration

Bright Spaces

It has been a stressful week for me. For now I wanted something bright to ease the strain for the week. I headed over to Pinterest and saw many inspiring images! Who wouldn’t like bright light filled spaces? I would love to read and sleep in this corner. The fur seat looks so tempting. Bright … More Bright Spaces

My birthday girl

My baby’s first birthday was a simple one. It was a gathering with friends and family. Her grandparents were not around though. Hopefully this coming Christmas Maia will be joining her aunts and uncles. Rather than buying expensive decors, I rushed to make a few lanterns made from crepe paper. It was my first time … More My birthday girl

Blue hydrangea & peach roses

I snatched these left over flowers because they’re lovely. Love the blue refreshing color! It makes a nice subtle contrast to the peach colored roses. These are actually a wedding motiff. Cool right? And yes, a little chocolate for a rainy day. Have a nice week ahead!

Workplace Inspiration

  Sharing with you my pins from one of my Pinterest boards. I’ve created a workplace inspiration, where I put there some designs that I love. For the space deprived likeΒ  me, I think designs where the table is against the wall will work best.   Hope to have a beautiful workplace someday. What kind … More Workplace Inspiration