ECQ Updates and being a plant mom

Hi! I’ve slacked blogging at the beginning of the year, and the pandemic happened which led to ECQ and so we had to work from home. It was difficult, all movements were limited. You have to schedule everything, make lists so you won’t forget, and go purchase food with all fear that the person next … More ECQ Updates and being a plant mom


A Photo concept

Sometimes, I itch so much for a model for my photography. I love kids most because of the innocence of their photos. They simply do what they want to do. And if you let them be, they create awesome emotions. Since I didn’t have  one, I asked an office helper to photograph me during my … More A Photo concept

Tea Time

For the past week, I’ve been avoiding coffee and anything with caffeine. Hah, it’s something about health. For now, I’m rekindling my romance with teas. Ok, let’s start with something that reminds me of home. For me, this is good for any time of the day. Stress relief! Bye coffee for now. On my tea … More Tea Time