The Pampers Test

When it comes to disposable diapers, I have my top 2 favorite brands which I rotate from time to time. One of them is Pampers. I purchase online because I buy by bulk, and they usually have discounts. Last month, I  attended a Pampers gathering at BGC. It was an intimate lunch composed of mostly … More The Pampers Test

Life update

We wrapped up last week with Maia’s visit to her therapist. It was a warm late afternoon. I wish there’s a playground near our place where she can walk without the fear of cars. I might look for a physical therapist too, she needs a little help with her walking and posture. With hope and … More Life update

Kisses to mama

Last week when I came home, Maia was particularly clingy to me. It’s not her usual welcome thing when I greet her by the door, but I must admit deep inside my heart I was crying for joy and wished that there will be more days like that. I don’t care if she is drooling … More Kisses to mama

Three Years

Three Years. Three years of fighting and not losing hope. Today is Maia’s 3rd birthday. The three years that went by so fast have molded my baby girl into a warrior in her own way. I remember when I gave birth three years ago, it was a rainy morning. Today, exactly three years after, I … More Three Years