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The Pampers Test

When it comes to disposable diapers, I have my top 2 favorite brands which I rotate from time to time. One of them is Pampers. I purchase online because I buy by bulk, and they usually have discounts. Last month, I  attended a Pampers gathering… Read More

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My Aromatherapy journey

I joined a women’s group in Facebook and one time I came across essential oils. I’ve read testimonials on how they’ve used it even on their children, stopped allergies, plus it strengthened their immune system. Secret is, 100% pure and good quality essential oils. I… Read More

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Wert’s Nutri 10 Plus Review

During our last visit to Maia’s neuro pedia, she advised us to give her multivitamins. We’ve tried several vitamins before, some vegetarian supplements. For Maia, she’s now five and still has epilepsy, every day. So the challenge is not to give too much supplements along… Read More

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Sharp Steamwave Oven

Hi again! The common thing that describes a mommy’s life is – BUSY. Not in a bad way though, because everything we do is for a good reason. For the family. Don’t you love it when something helps you in a way that make life… Read More