The Pampers Test

When it comes to disposable diapers, I have my top 2 favorite brands which I rotate from time to time. One of them is Pampers. I purchase online because I buy by bulk, and they usually have discounts. Last month, I  attended a Pampers gathering at BGC. It was an intimate lunch composed of mostly … More The Pampers Test

The Confidence Dressing up Gives plus Intro to FashionCare

I love clothes since I was a teenager. Growing up in the province gave me little choice for fashion, and most of what I wear came from thrift shops. But, it doesn’t really matter where you buy it. What makes? It is the confidence you carry. Before confidence, you have to be comfortable. You have … More The Confidence Dressing up Gives plus Intro to FashionCare

A Tough Week

This week has been very tough for me. The time I dreaded has come. Our constant search for Maia’s nanny gave us no luck, so our last resort is to leave Maia with my in-laws in the province. Since birth, I was never separated from her.  I see her everyday, and kiss her when I … More A Tough Week

Meet Django

Django. Unchained. He is one of Summer’s litter on her third birth. Very much like his mother below. When Summer was a puppy, she loved wetting herself from her drinking pot. Django has also been doing that lately. Being overly playful, he steals  next door’s baby slippers, socks and things that pleases his eyes. Yes, … More Meet Django

Spending Holy week

Holy week gives me more time with baby Maia. We actually planned on heading to Baguio, but decided to stay here. We’ll look for a more fitting schedule. Miss my mom and the rest of the family. Maia’s got sore eyes since yesterday. A week ago her auntie Faim had one. Maybe it’s the March … More Spending Holy week

Blooms in March

One thing I like about our workplace is being surrounded with plants. This week, this tree that looks like the Japanese cherry blossoms is now showing its pink flowers. I think they call this the Palawan cherry. It looks beautiful. At this time, our grounds are also being revamped. Pots of greens and assorted flowers … More Blooms in March