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Back Home again

Our short vacation in the province was exhilarating. My sleep felt peaceful, no thoughts of waking up early going to work, no rush. It’s one of the best sleeps I’ve had for a long time. You wake up and go to the market for your… Read More

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My Pasta Carbonara

I told myself to blog regularly for a lot of reasons. I want to keep track of what I love to do. Yesterday, I had time to cook something because I work half day (in exchange of my Sunday work). The other week, I bought… Read More

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Simple nutritious drink

My first trimester is so hard and until now today I’m still going through bouts of nausea and lethargy. It’s also the time I had to shift to natural skin care, and eat more fruits and veggies, no coffee and soda, and look for healthy… Read More

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Amino Fres-C Juice Drink

Many thanks to Ajinomoto for sending me their new Amino Fres-C Instant Drink Mix. What I love? It’s loaded with BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) which are the building blocks of protein. Perfect for active bodies – kids, moms and dads. It’s also 70% less… Read More

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Dragon fruit + Banana Smoothie

This is a very simple smoothie with just two ingredients. I only added water and a little bit of muscovado sugar. If you want to experiment, add coconut water or milk instead of plain water. I love fruit smoothies! Dragon fruits are loaded with nutrients,… Read More

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Steamed Banana blueberry cake

This is a simple recipe for those who don’t have an oven yet would want a banana bread. I used an ordinary rice cooker for this.  That’s my daughter’s hand, quickly touching it when I snapped the photo. The ingredients: 6 ripe bananas 200 grams… Read More

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The Wine is calling and I must go

We had another potluck lunch yesterday after the service – church friends, food, and laughter. I love going to Jenny’s house. Her garden and attic is full of different plants. She has beautiful birds and big adopted cats.  And of course..we always feel welcome in… Read More