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Rules to myself

It is mid August and it is still hot and humid. Anyway, since I’ve finished my report a week early, I’ve got some spare time writing this post. As an introvert, it’s so therapeutic for me. When I put my thoughts in writing, it’s like unburdening half of my troubles.

This week, I have another rule to myself. To drink coffee only on MWF. And on the next only twice a week. It’s a bit hard if you’re addicted but I need to because I have tremors on my fingers. I easily get nervous, not that I blame it all on coffee but I would like to see some positive changes. Gotta take care of myself for the kiddos. Haha.

I also started reading,  just a few pages each day. I can’t read a book now in one sitting or one day like I did before. Priorities have changed. Yes motherhood is a complex thing, and on this aspect, it hones your planning skills. I’ve learned that what’s important is BALANCE.

Last week, I finished a thriller book, and this week another fiction. I will start ‘The Reason for God‘ as I saw it has a high rating on Goodreads. Have you read this?

See you again next post,


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Start of Real parenting

Came to the office early as usual. Here ‘s a photo of the table flowers.

Last week, I’ve been communicating with Maia’s neuro about how we can change the dosage of the meds. I am not happy with the frequency of the seizures. Despite giving her the drugs, she  still seizes every day. It’s not even mild, imagine having to wait for 8-10 minutes of myoclonic fit to stop. Terrible. She finally said to increase  Keppra by 1ml/day.

Ivor is in need of some serious parenting lol. He throws his toys a lot, show tantrums when we won’t give his wants. He’s so cute when we say No and pouts looking pitiful. I’m the strict one but his dad gives him everything, like any food. At the back of my head I’m shouting, ‘Nooooooooo!’ one time his dad gave him a sweet Jco donut with sweet filling. He’s under 2 yet so I do mind.


*All photos in this post taken by Huawei phone.

See you next post,


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I promised myself to blog regularly. I missed one last week, but I did a post on my babies’ blog. It ate my time editing those photos.

Anyway, last week was not good for Maia. She had strong seizures. Every day there is this part of myself that I have to constantly save for my sanity. I don’t only face my daughter’s seizure problems, but the daily grind can sometimes give us burdens.  Ivor pokes at his head whenever I come home from work, and then head directly to our room. He’s a big boy already.

I’m currently reading The Woman in Cabin 10,   finished the first 3 episodes of Game of Thrones season 7. I’ve heard the 4rth episode is epic. Can’t wait!

Meanwhile, I’ve lots and lots of things on my mind. At one point, hubs mentioned about going back to the province. It has given me a  huge thought, but wherever God leads us, so be it. I just pray it would be for the best of the family, especially for Maia’s monitoring.

Have a good week ahead!