Looking Back at 2020

Who would have thought that 2020 brought us the longest lockdown in history?

It was very challenging, and a year of many firsts.

I resigned from my job even with no back pay so I can bring the kids home, close to my family. I don’t even have work waiting for me. But we came home.

I became a full-time housewife. I had my share of insecurities but I focused on doing chores, and being with the kids.

It allowed me to spend most of my time with the kids. In an alternate world, I would be wasting time stuck in traffic, not to mention the endless worries thinking about the little ones.

My sisters and I put up a small home based food business, starting with the crowd favorite lemon pie. We named it Eataku, which means ‘Let’ s eat’!

We also missed the siblings during our annual holiday get together, as covid restrictions are still tight. We can only share happenings through video calls. My brothers, hope to see you soon.

It’s also the year I’ve started to love Kdramas. Don’t judge. It’s part of my me time when I want to relax. Mothers, you know exhaustion is real. Lol.



Zeva’s first time to see the river.

Hoping for a safe and healthy 2021!


Until next post,







2 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2020

  1. It’s been the longest lockdown indeed. Although at home, the year flew by so swiftly… as if we’ve lost a year… I am still torn whether that part is good or bad… and you are not alone about Kdramas, it’s been there for awhile, like 2005-ish but it didn’t have the fandom it has today… lots have started getting hooked this year… the lockdown had something to do with it. I am one of those ❤

    I am glad to have seen this post…Happy New Year! ❤

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    1. Hi Janis, yes, this pandemic brought so many changes. Thank you for dropping by and reading my post. Happy new year to you and your family! ❤️

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