Home at Last

Finally finished our quarantine and thankful all is well.

We visited a pediatrician to check on Maia. Her sleeping pattern is irregular and she can go without sleep for more than 24 hours. We wanted to get some advice how we can manage it, because it’s really difficult as most of the time she would cry even in the wee hours of the morning when she cannot get her sleep. Since her daily seizures stopped a year and a half ago when we decided to halt her pharma meds, this became our new challenge.

I have to look after all three of them while waiting for work vacancies.

Zeva’s growing fast!

Enrolled Ivor to the nearby Baptist church nursery school.

On weekends I get to go jogging. Mom, dad and my sisters help with the kids. I workout for strength, because as a mom with special needs and very active kids, I need the energy to be there for them. Without exercise I always feel tired. Maia’s condition also includes carrying her when she cannot stop crying.

So that’s my answer when you ask me why. It’s also my me time, to keep my sanity. You don’t know how it is caring for three kids without a nanny, especially when one is special needs. Sometimes it comes to a point when they all cry together. Actually Maia ‘s sensitive when Ivor is close to her. She’s restless and would oftentimes shriek. Honestly, it’s heartbreaking.

For now, we are enjoying our stay here. So good to finally go out and take pleasure in our neighborhood.

Hoping for good times ahead.


See you next post,




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