Moving Back Home

I think it’s best for now to keep my reasons on a personal level.

Leaving the place where my children grew up left me emotional. The last few weeks was a roller coaster ride. I was stressed with lots of things. I was expecting something but it was not granted, and okay, it’s during the pandemic. But, I knew better, I was unlucky. Goodbye fourteen years of life in Manila.

So God, may you guide us on our new journey.

I felt free. And at peace. And even if it’s for a short time, it feels so good. Nobody to please, nobody to seek approval..I’m just being myself.

We’re on our 14-day quarantine and even though there’s much work taking care of all three kids, I don’t mind. I just needed time to reset.

To my friends, I’m just here. Let’s talk soon.


All the best,




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