Houseplant Sellers to Check out if you’re in Metro Manila

The plant parent community have increased during the quarantine, making ‘urban jungle’ tag rise in IG posts. Gardening has become a thing, and even kids are taking part in the world of plant, soil and water. More homes and offices integrate the idea of nature, bringing cozy green oasis indoors. Caring for a living plant gives you a sense of personal fulfillment especially if you see they’re thriving.

So to you plant enthusiasts and those of you who might be interested in adding houseplants in your home, I’ve crowdsourced  affordable to mid priced sellers you can check.


  1. @wildchildgreenery

The owner Criselle comes from a greenthumb family. She’s into business and finance yet gave herself time for something she enjoys. She also  handpaints the pots herself. I’ve chatted to this cheerful spirit a couple of times and she’s a genuine friendly gal you can ask for help or share stories with your plant woes.


2. @sunshineandplants

From a collector of plants which led her to open up her own plant shop, Janette resigned from her corporate work and focused on her passion. Her goal is for people to experience nature in the comfort of their own home. According to her, plant sales tripled during the lockdown.

Price range: Seeds P15-25, Herbs P80-150, Pots – P40-250, Indoor plants – P250-1000

Amazing how people think of planting nowadays.

3. Plant Momma Ph

A young mom and a homeschooler of two boys, Roxanne and her husband put up a plant business so people in Manila can have their own urban garden. You can also visit their physical shop at Aani market, FTI Taguig.



April works as an airline ticketing agent while helping her mom’s plant business.


5. Gardener’s Haven

Gardener’s Haven is a house garden/online plant shop located in Rizal, Makati owned by Bella. Same as some plant owners, it started as a hobby and personal refuge. She then thought of sharing the satisfying experience of having your own plant at home.


6. Greenminded Botanique Ph

Owner Kiyomi opened her online plant business early this year. She also started as a beginner plant parent, with zero knowledge. Her experience and love for plants fueled her to sell plants at affordable rates. She accepts plant requests too.

Price range: P200 – P1,000

7. The Living Decor Manila

New plant shop owner Ms. Frell Tamaray believes that turning your living space into an indoor jungle need not be expensive. She sells plants and handmade ‘luxe for less’ terracotta pots  which can be customized into a minimalist or a colorful design. Her fondness for interior design made her decide to choose indoor plants to create aesthetically pleasing spaces.


8. Potted Plants Manila

When the pandemic hit, Dolly starting working from home. She fell in love with plants and began adopting them. Her plants gave her good vibes especially during stressful situations, and with the help of her husband who has a knack for growing healthy plants, they recently opened their online shop.

Prices: From P300 – P1,600

9. Dish Garden Marikina

Being a gardener at heart, Em Duyor’s passion lead him in creating small to large dish gardens and potted plants. Go check his creations on his page.

10. Botanic Bloom

A newly opened shop  owned by Keila Samson. Price starts from P40 – P150 for small plants and P400 – P1,500 for big plants. Delivery for NCR via Lalamove and Transportify if outside NCR.


11. @muntingpasoph

Owned by entrepreneur and financial planner Kris and husband Alex. Their bestsellers are herbs, snake plants, selloum, english ivy and spider plants. Chat with them and ask away.


So there you go!

Adopt a plant now. ♥

Actually, I don’t mind staying at home with my houseplants. We have a very small place but plants make it feel ‘healthier.’

Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

Until next post,

Mommy Cel


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