ECQ Updates and being a plant mom


I’ve slacked blogging at the beginning of the year, and the pandemic happened which led to ECQ and so we had to work from home. It was difficult, all movements were limited. You have to schedule everything, make lists so you won’t forget, and go purchase food with all fear that the person next to you is infected with the covid virus. And of course it’s worrisome because I have three little babies. There are no public transport too, so we definitely had to walk despite the oppressive summer heat. To limit going out, we buy food at the local market once a week.

During the ECQ: I binge-watched Kdramas. Don’t laugh, but with all the negativity around, I wanted to escape reality for a while. I even persuaded hubs to watch one. Lol. Never mind. Haha.

Right before the start of quarantine, I was given some baby cactus and took home. Well, they etiolated. Haha. I’ve killed a lot of cactus before and now I’ve learned that they need lots of sunlight, AND little water. So I placed them in our east facing small backyard. Added some oscomote since it’s summer and heard they need it. I’m not a plant expert so I just rely on plant groups haha. Okay. Finally, it started to catch up. But the part that grew thin didn’t change. There was no leaf before, and now, you can see some leaves!


My succulents.

I actually don’t know the name of this, but this got knocked by a stray cat and some leaves were badly damaged. I saved a couple of small ones and hope they’ll survive.

Surprisingly, this succulent loves water. Most succulents die of overwatering.


When I got this, I soaked it with sevin, and a week after, I’ve read the sevin isn’t good because of potential harm to health. And it’s okay to just wash it with water. This nearly died as it looked limp and a bit mushy. So I air dried it under morning sun, and repotted on dry soil. Hopefully it will continue to perk up.

Okay, so this one, only a quarter leaves are left. Those leaves started falling before repotting, and more leaves fell. I don’t think I will get one like this again. Maybe. Lol.

This aloe vera was given to me and it was almost dying but turned out it looks like it needed a fresh new soil repot. I sprinkled some diatomaceous earth to experiment if those spider mites will stop visiting.


Peperomia polybotrya. There are some powdery mildew and I’m still thinking how I will treat it. But yes love this plant. It looks similar to my wishlist Pilea peperomioides. So if you have some pilea, please share one to me. ♥

This was also given to me, they said it’s an asparagus fern. I’m still trying to figure out how to prevent the leaves from getting brown. Almost half is brown already. (Not in picture)

Peace lilies are a bit fussy for new plant parents. After repotting, it went droopy like this for a week. And then it perked up for a few days. Then now, it’s starting to droop again, oh no. What have I done wrong. Lol.


The biggest leaf among my plants. Love you. Please don’t die.


The leaves look like a face from a horror movie. I can’t remember.


This aglaonema is a beauty. It looks and feels like plastic.

Snake plant! My wish is to have this sword like plant surround our place. But, I have only two. Haha. And I got this from our neighbor.  There is also the dwarf version that I’d like to have.


The popular low light zanzibar gem or the ZZ plant or the welcome plant. Beautiful glossy leaves! One of my faves. Thanks to ate Marjorie for sharing.


This is a fussy plant. They said if you’re a new plant mom, stay away from calatheas. But got one anyway, huhu. And look what happened. This loves high humidity and can’t give it to her. I don’t have a humidifier. And, one thing, this is picky on the water that you use. Never water with straight tap water as it’s sensitive to chlorine.


Saved this syngonium after repotting from original pot. It sure loves a moist but not soggy soil. And some misting. Oh my. I’d love to have the pink syngonium if somebody will gift one. Haha.


I’m never tired looking at this string of hearts. I hope it’ll grow into a bushy long one.

And the the plant that’s in my top favorite list:

Still in their propagation bottles. This is the golden pothos and it’s the most common. There are many varieties but hard to look for. I’d like to have the neon and the silver satin.

These houseplants are my stress relievers. So you know me, just give me a plant and it’ll make me happy. Lol. the way. I tried to plant some tomato seeds in a plastic bottle container.

So tiny. Please grow up well.

One of the things I’ve learned from being a plant mom is PATIENCE.

Stay patient everyone!


See you next post,

Mommy Cel

All photos taken by Huawei phone.


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