Why I’m Sticking to the Hobonichi Weeks Mega Planner

It has been a wonderful few years since I’ve committed myself to bullet journaling. Not only does it improve your mental health, it helps you plan throughout the year while keeping for yourself and your children a family treasure trove full of memories.  This will be my fourth year using the system.

I tired a few notebooks before and this 2020 I’ve decided to do a repeat of last year’s Hobonichi weeks Mega. So here’s why I recommend it most especially to moms.

1. Lightweight

Moms carry lots of stuff and adding extra weight to our bags isn’t a good idea, unless it’s okay with you. I bring my planner with me all the time so I love if it’s not heavy. No to shoulder pains.


2. Durable

I’ve used my 2019 Hobonichi every day last year and I didn’t purchase a cover for it. Without the cover, you will see stains but that’s all. I’m  really happy that even though my kids threw it a couple of times, there was no problem with the stitching. It is still in tact.


3. Dated

Tried a blank notebook before but sometimes when you are short of time, you want the dates to be there right away. I mean, I love to set up my calendar but when you want to plan forward, this comes in handy. You’d understand if you have three kids like me.

The first pages contains the yearly overview, followed by a monthly view, and then the weekly set up.


Monthly. I usually write on this birthdays and events so I can easily look up. Then I transfer it to the weekly planner.

Weekly. There are so many things you can do for the weekly format. The left start with Monday to Sunday and on the right side, it’s a blank  grid page that you can list things to do for the week, or trackers, notes, thoughts, etc.

After the weekly pages, there are additional 212 note pages. The best part is you are free to write anything. For me, I write my ‘collections’ (bullet journal method) and daily expenses.


4. Tomoe River paper

This paper is smooth, thin and fountain-pen friendly. Choose this if you want a great writing experience and quality paper.

So there, I will continue using the Hobo weeks Mega this year.

What’s your current planner?


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See you next post,

Mommy Cel



8 thoughts on “Why I’m Sticking to the Hobonichi Weeks Mega Planner

  1. palagi ko nakikita itong Hobonichi sa mga planner groups pero di ko afford pa. sobrang cute, cool at lightweight nga by looking at it. maybe next year!

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