Style Update: Neutral Minimalist

Every now and then, I declutter. Clothes that don’t fit my aesthetic are on my ‘To Donate’ pile so I can pass on to whoever needs them. These items are usually gifts that’s not my style and color. I now stick to a simple minimalist wardrobe.


My Style Preferences are:

Neutral color palette: My personal style is still evolving even though I’m in my mid 30’s, but what I found that works for me is having a neutral color scheme. Black, white, beige, toned-down pinks and blues (includes denim lol). I remember when I’ve had many prints colors and prints before, it’s so hard to choose what to wear to work. For me having 5 colors and below is ok. Why neutral? Because I can mix and match and can wear them over and over again while looking classy. I avoid large prints with the exception of thin stripes and polka dots.

Shop Consciously. Just shop what you need. Learn to love what’s on your closet. Think about each piece before buying. Lately, I’ve decided to shop local. There are many local shops now that are high quality and stylish. If you cannot afford the cost, go thrift shopping. It’s actually easier to thrift once you have set your color palette.

Determine your Body type. This is also important. For me, as a petite and only 5′ with short torso, I like midrise jeans that’s on level with my navel. If it’s too high rise, it wouldn’t look proportionate on me, same with low rise. I’m also staying away from very long tops, and favor semi crops just like this top I’m wearing. I’m not a style expert but this is what works for me.


What are your style tips?

Mommy Cel


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