27 Weeks

Only two months more to go!

The heels I’m wearing was given by my co-worker. Just to let you know I don’t wear heels at work at this time. Lol. For photo purpose ONLY.

I have been consuming a lot of sweets lately that I felt I need to cut down on sugar already! I am noticing the early symptoms of UTI and I’m worried.

Family update: Maia  is still not on her usual sleep schedule, but that started when the tonic clonic seizures stopped.  Her fingers are always in her mouth and drools a lot.  We will also remember that dentist appointment soon since her teeth are already bad. She eats anything we feed her and is on schedule.

Her little brother Ivor is quite the opposite, strong-willed and sweet. He would rush to the door when he hears me opening the gate after work, and he will say “Hug mama, kiss mama”. I melt with joy. Before bedtime, he talks a lot and tries to keep me awake even though I’m halfway to dreamland.  Quite a chatterbox but I guess that’s normal for his age, because they are mimicking any word they come across with. There are words that I can’t figure out until he shows me what it is. It is a learning experience for both. I am also working on my temper especially when he insists with what he wants and will throw a tantrum. This is so new to me as Maia and I never had the chance to exchange words. Someday, she will talk, God-willing.

Parenthood is complex. Fun and worth it.  It is sleeplessness, joy, laughter, lessons…happiness.

Happy Monday!


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