Tips for Maternity wear

Dress given by godmum Jenny

True enough, I mentioned in the previous post that the last trimester would be a bit difficult. I can feel my belly getting heavier, and aiming the best sleeping position never stops. On the good side, I love that it gave my face and body a little plump compared to my skinny first months.

I can feel baby’s strong kicks and punches even when I’m lying down and relaxing. Such a wiggly bubba!

Some wardrobe tips for working moms:

• Don’t buy maternity clothes. For me, some of my shift dresses and leggings are ok, so no I don’t need to buy. If you need to buy, just go for larger sized tops, dresses, leggings, and underwear. Most maternity wear are expensive.

• Thrift Shops. There are online thrift groups that you can join. Some sell their barely used items at a fraction of the price. I actually prefer to search for nursing wear which I can use for a long time even post breastfeeding. Just look at the style that you love to wear.

• Full Cotton Undies. When you’re a mom, it’s 95% comfort. Not true to all but I’ve read in some forums that most moms stick to what’s comfortable  – the granny panties. It’s the full panty which I actually prefer now than the bikinis I used to like before. Bikinis tend to roll down (happened to my seamless) and leaves my tummy ‘exposed’. The feel of those cotton high waist are so good and for some reason it gives me a slimmer feel. I still have a few of those mid rise knickers but full panties are my favorite – pregnant or not. 🙂

• Bra extenders. Yup, these are helpful since your body is changing. You don’t need to buy a lot of bras.

Have a nice week!


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