Going Third Trimester

I’m at my 6th month already and going to third trimester. Here comes the backs pains, difficult breathings, stronger fetal movements and brixton hicks. The ultrasound scan last weekend confirmed that we will have the c-section by mid November or earlier because baby’s size is a week ahead. This means early report preparations  so it’s easier for the reliever to continue.

Pregnancy Notes:

Weight gain is 3 kilos. I’m trying to control my food intake but doctor told me not to.

Heartburn happens when I eat pineapples and chocolate, and also when I drink coffee.

I feel I need to pee all the time, especially before bedtime. I need to have a pillow in front of me when I sleep next to Ivor, that’s for comfort and protection.

I don’t see stretch marks yet except for the appearing linea nigra. I’m using a lotion from Kala Milk  and sometimes mixed with coconut oil. Bought oatmeal soap from three different brands as I’ve noticed itchy bumps which is turning into scaly patches on my arm.

My mood sometimes go haywire. I would be ok now and later I feel so sensitive that I literally cry. (Most of the time).


I drink a half cup of coffee during office mornings, mixed with my Anmum Mocha Latte. Actually I only started my prenatal milk on the 2nd trimester. In the afternoon, I usually take a snack as I feel hungry 2-3 hours after lunch.

Thanks to Phing for this Baleno dress.

Time flies! Maia will be turning 7 this month. The past week was seizure free as per our observation, and sleeping pattern is erratic. We are thankful for seizure free days, and hopefully she will go back to her normal sleeping time.

So, see you next post!


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