23 Weeks and Life Update

Yey, I’m halfway through my pregnancy already. My appetite is good and I’m slowly gaining weight. At my last appointment, my OB also confirmed baby’s gender. I’m quite stoked actually, because I already had a name in mind.

Another good news is that I have nannies for the littles. They started last week and it’s such a relief for me because I won’t have to bring Ivor every day to work, and with the transportation cost and his constant clinginess, there’s not much I can do. It’s tiresome for my growing belly. And..I cannot work on the computer with a nagging toddler.

Outside the office | 2 years & 3 months

He can say: mama, daddy, ‘ti'(auntie), Mia (Maia), Mami (Miley our dog), and lots of single words. His favorite adjective is ‘big’.

He knows the letters of the alphabet if you ask him.

He is potty trained. (Started when he was exactly two).

He loves the Endless Reader app.

He is active, eats on his own but sometimes I have to feed him when I feel it’s not enough. He likes soup, cheese, yogurt.

He eats fruits like: ripe mango, banana, apple, pineapple, rambutan, papaya. The only fruit I remember he won’t eat is durian.


Office nursery
After my errand, got tired so we sat and took a selfie! Lol

For Maia, I asked help from my aunt to look after her temporarily. I know it will not be permanent because she has three kids to attend to. Lately, Maia has been having a hard time sleeping at night. Sometimes she can only sleep in the morning. Seizures still happen when asleep/unconscious. She’s also been quiet lately.

Before bedtime
Afternoon, Ivor just woke from a nap


Teaching Ivor to be close to Maia

We have a new dog, half chihuahua and shih tzu. It was given by auntie Muriel last month.

Our new dog Miley

The weather has not been commuter-friendly the past couple of weeks and even the laundry has piled up. Getting up also is a bit dragging, I always put my alarm to snooze. I get sleepy in the office at around mid morning and in the afternoon. I can feel strong tummy kicks, and I feel hungry most of the time. I’m originally due first week of December, but will schedule ahead for my CS as per doctor’s advice.

See you again next post!


*All photos taken by phone.


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