Pregnancy Update


This is the most stressful pregnancy I’ve had. I’m actually on my 2nd trimester now, feeling a bit better compared to the previous weeks, which was the worst morning sickness I’ve had in my three pregnancies. At 20 weeks, I’m so relieved that the nausea has lessened.

With hubby getting retrenched at work several months ago, two of our nannies also had to go because they had to go to school, that’s what they said. I think no matter how good you are to them, it doesn’t change a thing. I’ve had good nannies in the past when Maia was still an infant, but it’s hard to get one these days. Imagine having to send the money for their transportation coming here and then a day or two later, they’ll back out? Frustrating.

Photo taken July 15, 2018

My son Ivor is back from his short stay in Baguio. He stayed with my siblings while they’re on school vacation and while we’re looking for a nanny. Soooo back to square one…and a tight budget! No eating out, no unnecessary expenses, shopping ban except for our children’s NEEDS. Sometimes even if my food cravings kick in, I’ll just forget about it. Lol.

I have never bought anything yet for our last baby except for a 3-pc bottle that was on sale. I am now scouting for cheap diapers online, and yes I have my comparison notes. I’m eyeing that Korean diaper brand Bosomi. Read reviews on Glam-O-Mamas on Fb, and wow, I should have done that before. Lots to learn there mamas!

Anyway, see you next post. It’s a busy and rainy Friday!



3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update

  1. Oh my goodness! Time really flies! I am excited for you that you are being blessed with a third child!

    I’m sorry to hear about the nausea and hardship, though. I will pray.


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