My Favorite bags

Le Pliage Small tote in Black

It’s been years and my love for Longchamp Le Pliage has never changed. It’s the only bag that I use every day at work. Before I had two original ones, and now I added more so I can rotate and lessen the wear and tear. I know it will eventually come to that but it helps to give them a rest once in a while.

Why  Le Pliage is my favorite bag:

• Lightweight. I don’t like wearing heavy bags and this is the best one I used.

• Timeless style. I can see myself toting this bag until I get old. Lol. But really, any age can have this. Others may says it’s ugly but I just love the style. As an aspiring minimalist, it’s the style for me.

• Waterproof. I would not worry having my things wet during the rainy season.

• Amazing Color selection. Every year, they release different colors so if you spy your favorite color, better get it.

• Durable. It can stay with you for how many years as long as you take good care of it. You can easily clean it with a wet cloth or wet wipes. Sometimes, I do a whole wash using a brush and soap, then just rinse with water. I don’t rub it as I’ve read it will get bubbles.

Some tips when buying cheap original Longchamp.

• Look for 2nd hand. I got my blue azure, bubblegum pink and the black via Olx. The price at the stores are really high so I got lucky buying online. The pink one I got for P1,000 only! The seller who bought it at Rustan’s rarely used it and when it arrived, it’s still in excellent condition. Chat with the seller and find out where they bought it. Meet up with them.

• Join groups like Longchamp Lovers Philippines. You can get a heads up on member’s posts when there are ongoing Sale items like Rustan’s. I believe they are still on sale. Imagine having 50% off and 25% off!

Large and small tote size difference. Before I’ve only been using the large tote, but I saw the small tote which they resized in 2016 to make it a little bigger and it’s a perfect size for my every day work bag.

At the moment, I don’t have any other bags but these. I had one leather sling bag but it was heavy and my shoulders aren’t happy. Working moms tend to carry a lot on their bags so I always come back to my favorite Le pliage. The only caveat for light colored ones is that they get dirty easily, so you better not put them on the floor. Also the fraying on the edges is inevitable, but it won’t go as far as holes when you take care of it. For now, I don’t have holes yet because I’m careful where I put them. There are no compartments inside so just use a bag organizer, or use pouches.


I just love these bags.


What’s your favorite bag?



5 thoughts on “My Favorite bags

  1. I share the sentiments with heavy bags and one reason why I love the Longchamp Le Pliage. If only price point is not a problem, I’ll definitely own more :p


  2. What a wonderful review! I LOVE Longchamp Le Pliage bags and have carried them for years….I also love the NEO totes too. My only concern is that they don’t have too much organizational capability, but I’ve trained myself to deal with this limitation. They are amazing as carry on bags too, don’t you think?

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    1. Thank you. I don’t have a problem without the compartments since I use a bag organizer. Others use pouches. And yes, this is a versatilve bag that you can use anywhere, be in school, work, beach and even a diaper bag. I just love this bag!


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