The Growing Phase

I can’t believe it’s already February!

So much has happened in our household since after the holidays, from child care problems to developmental shifts on my toddler. This year started with no luck on finding a good caregiver for Maia, even showing full kindness is not enough. Meanwhile, Ivor’s been highly active, super clingy when I arrive after work, and want to get things that he’s not supposed to. He likes to run around home, points at lizards on the ceiling, eats yogurt on his own, enjoys our evening stroll looking at the moon and stars, bites anytime he wants to, and loves to be independent – he prefers to do something himself.

I’m also starting to train him to sleep at bedtime without breastfeeding, and he is doing a good job. He will just listen to daddy’s voice – ‘Sleep Ivor’ and he’ll toss and turn into dreamland.

Top: Thrifted Zara (old)

I’m letting my feelings pass during this stage of motherhood. Time flies fast and I don’t want to miss their childhood. I want to take things slow, in all aspects.

See you next post,



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