An Aspiring Minimalist

As what I have written on my previous posts, I am an aspiring minimalist. It’s my choice. It’s a lifestyle I want to take on and adopt.
The challenge is when you are a style enthusiast – how to manage your wardrobe. I don’t want to discard everything and buy a new set because, yes, it defeats the purpose of minimalism. I figured I should stick to what’s currently in my closet and work from there.
Last Christmas hubs gave me a gift certificate, because I want to be intentional on my purchases, I saved half of it for future shopping when I need a replacement. There are times I want to shop but I would tell myself, “Do I really need it?” And it works! It also saves me from buyer’s remorse because of impulse buying.

My readings mentioned a lot about using the clothes you love most.  From that you will more or less know your style. Moving on, we all love flattering silhouettes. But when you have an item that doesn’t form the shape you like, you gotta style it based on what you  personally see as good fitting. This second hand top from last year is a little long on me. I can actually do two styles, just tuck it in or tie in front.

It creates a natural drape at the back once tucked in. I have actually two more colors of this top, yes, before I got into minimalism.


NOTES: Skinny high rise jeans + long loose top. Keep the color palette to a minimum.

What are your style tips?



7 thoughts on “An Aspiring Minimalist

  1. I love that mustard gold color. Looks great on you! I think having a jean skirt is also great in a minimalist wardrobe because it’s so versatile.

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  2. I like to do the same, have neutral blouses that can be tucked in (to skirts for church) or loose with skinny jeans. Since I keep it so simple it’s hard to tell that I don’t have much clothes.

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