My Minimalist Style and Palette: Part 1

Since making the decision to start a minimalist lifestyle – which includes a wardrobe check, I am sticking to this palette that I wear most: Whites, blacks, blush,  blues, pumpkin shades and a handful of neutrals. Nope, I haven’t gone shopping, but these were what stayed after my closet purge.

Actually, the old heels I’m wearing are already peeling and cracking. I’m still searching for a good quality platform real leather heels that I can use for a long time.

I am also in the process of discovering my true style. I’m petite and only 5′ so I prefer heeled shoes in the office, around 2 inches which is the height  comfortable for long use.

I also have a short torso, and for me crop tops fit my style because it kind of balances my body proportion. I love this thrifted top because it’s flowy and the just right height. I also love skinny jeans!

What’s your style?




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