One of the things bugging my mind is to start  minimalist living – simple and intentional. I read Marie Kondo’s book before, made some personal changes, however I struggled. Pressure and stress and even lack of motivation can get in the way and cloud your goals.

I’ve immersed myself reading articles genuinely focused on  minimalism. Not only do they appear contented, but they look stress-free! They are living meaningful lives, and then I thought I want to have a life like them, because it is not only physical but a lifestyle change.



• Declutter

This is an area where I fail. I have shallow reasons I know – a working mom of two kids, one a special child. I have to pat and tell myself to take baby steps.  If you like looking at clean and clutter-free spaces and organized wardrobe, then you’ll be more driven and serious with this. I have already decluttered my clothes three times this year, gave some to my sisters and sent the others to the province. I kept what gives me ‘spark’ (basically what I love 100%) as what M. Kondo said. I threw away unused ice cream containers, bottles, and paper bags and yes, it felt good to free some space. We are renting a very small apartment and it pays to declutter to make room for what’s essential.

One challenge you face is when you have a partner.  What you view as ‘For Trash’ can mean ‘useful’ for him. Then, you just have to organize them in storage boxes with labels. Another is when people give you gifts, which in this case, go back to the basic concept and ask yourself, “Do I love this?”

• Be Grateful

When you are grateful with what you have right now, you will less likely get hooked up with the consumerism mind frame. If you really want to adopt simplicity, develop the attitude of being thankful. Whenever I want something, I think about it and weigh if it’s a need. If you have something similar that does the same function, it would just be a duplicate, so avoid the pitfall of buying more

• Quality

Only in my later years that I see the value of quality vs quantity. Now, I would choose one good quality vs five pieces that gets destroyed in less than a year. You don’t have to spend on expensive items, trick is,  buy second-hand! Paint it new. Look for ethical brands and quality labels in case of clothings, . I do not personally use the capsule wardrobe idea because I generally use all my clothes all year round – I live in a tropical country.

I am embracing this change and taking things one step at a time.

Share your thoughts and ideas.





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