Bullet Journaling Using Rhodia A5 Notebook

What’s your planning system?

Early this year I started my own bullet journal- the analog system for the digital age. If you’re a newbie, it’s advisable to know the basics. Read about it HERE.

The good thing about the Bullet journal is you only need a notebook and a pen. I am using an A5 Rhodia hardbound dotted notebook and a Uni ballpen which I both got at National Book Store. The paper is cream colored and thick.

There’s lots of inspiration browsing though Instagram. I prefer  minimalist, because I like clean and legible handwriting. I do appreciate the artsy ones however I always go back to plain words.

For me this is the best planning system to date. You can tweak it, decorate it, draw anything, add trackers, and manage collections – all in one notebook.


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